Back at Gorilla Circus!

shutupandsmile After nearly two years’ hiatus (I quit my job and had little money), I am back flying with Gorilla Circus! Oh my gosh, have I missed it. The majestic grand volant! Flying outdoors in gorgeous Regent’s Park! The Gorilla Circus family! Have I mentioned before how awesome the instructors at Gorilla Circus are? Super awesome.

Speaking of hiatus, it’s been, err, five months since I last updated this blog. I’m sorry. I was feeling a bit poop about flying once a week. I tried reverse psychology where I persuaded myself that flying’s no fun anyway. “I don’t miss it. I can wean myself off. I can totally be my own person. Yep.”

I started skipping flying trapeze classes at Circus Space, classes I’d already paid for with my savings. I was very close to quitting flying altogether, until two of my nieces visiting from Norway said they’d heard from their mother and my mother that I was a flying trapeze maniac and that I better prove it or I’m a liar. No one calls me a liar!

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Coping Mechanisms for Flying Withdrawal Symptoms


Hello Lovely Readers! Long time no interacting on this blog, how has winter been treating you? I understand that winter is off-season for many of you who fly outdoors, so here’s hoping that you’ve been able to cope somehow.

If you remember my previous post, you’ll know that my flying schedule has been impacted not by weather (my main circus school is indoors and follows the school term), but by the health and availability of flying trapeze teachers. Flying less, from three times to once a week, has been really tough! Sometimes I forget that I fly at all, other times I want to rip my hair out in anguish and despair. This craziness cannot go on! So I’ve come up with a few coping mechanisms.

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An Open Letter to Circus Space

earthshatteringHello Lovely Readers! It’s been a while since I mooched around here, how have you been?

I’ve had some super lousy news! My main flying teacher at Circus Space, who teaches two of my three flying courses, has injured her back. She is one of my favourite flying teachers, smart and strong as well as beautiful and with many creative talents! So I am sad. And as a result of her injury a lot of my flying classes the past few weeks have been cancelled. Continue reading

Find Your Inner Baby Godzilla


Hello Lovely Readers!

I’m in the fierce and furry gorilla grips of NaNoWriMo (an online challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in the 30 days of November), so I’m going to try to keep this blog post short!

I really enjoyed the latest post by Adult Beginner, where her friend went along to a ballet class to watch. The friend made a lot of interesting outsider-perspective observations, and I especially liked the bit where she noted how different dancers treat themselves when they make mistakes.

Go easy on yourself.

I love the way Adult Beginner writes. It’s always light yet thoughtful, friendly yet respectful, and never preachy or boring. And then I mulled over how I respond when I make mistakes, which reminded me of my so-called secret.

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The Terrifying Day Pah


Apropos of Halloween! I thought I’d share with you a real story of how a rather innocent question of mine sparked what might be my most terrifying flying trapeze experience yet.

You see, Giles doesn’t get paid to catch. He volunteers (he might even have to pay to come to the class, I don’t know), and yet no one really asks him what he wants to catch. So last week, I asked.

“Not that I have a big selection of consistent tricks to catch or anything,” I hastened to add. “But if there’s anything in particular, then I can try to work on it.”

I’ve asked him this before, and he had shrugged his shoulders a bit and not said anything. This time, however, he said, “Have you tried Day Pah?”

Day what?

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Flying Trapeze Tricks Explained


Hello Lovely Readers! Have you noticed that there isn’t a whole lot of resources on the execution of flying trapeze tricks?

The Trapeze Net is easily the single most comprehensive online resource for flying trapeze, and its Tricks Database is especially impressive, with videos and clear descriptions of a long list of tricks.

And yet! I also yearn for articles on the nitty gritty of how to execute a trick, how to trouble-shoot a trick, what conditions should be met before I attempt a trick, and what other tricks I can go on to do after. I wish to be able to thoroughly wrap my head around a trick so as not to waste too many precious swings. Alas, this delicious knowledge seems to be mostly passed on by word of mouth, e.g. during a lesson when time is scarce.

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This Thing Called Dedication


My Lovely Readers! Do you remember how back in January, how I was all woe-begone-me, I can’t handle three flying trapeze classes a week? And how in September, I was all, yay me for getting signed off for the level 3 advanced flying trapeze class, but I’m not going to take it because it’s a late class and my husband will be asleep by the time I’m home?

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I went, “Poo poo to that!” and signed up for the advanced class. So I am now flying three times a week on Monday (level 3), Tuesday (level 2), and Friday (level 1 – I take ‘em where I can get ‘em)! And it is GLORIOUS!

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